The school of underwater archaeology

The creation of a school of underwater archaeology next to the Titicaca Lake is a significant milestone for the perpetuation of the study and management activities of the Bolivian heritage immerged in the Titicaca Lake waters that have been conducted since 2012. Objective of this school is to implement a program aimed at training Bolivian students to become expert divers specialized in underwater archaeology.

This course of study not only involves the teaching of technical diving related skills but also theoretical, methodological and practical knowledge relating to underwater archaeology. The “sports” training is supervised by the High-Altitude Scuba Instruction Center (CIBA) and the underwater archaeological training is supervised by the ULB. Currently 6 archaeology students of the University Mayor de San Andrés (UMSA) are receiving this training: Ivanna Castro Prieto, Karen Lucero Mamani Condori, Sergio Duran Chacon, Usziel Leslie De La Fuente Arias, Debora Mattos Droguet and Katherine Bullain Miranda.

These first people to graduate in scuba diving and underwater archaeology will form the first national team to be trained and equipped in order to take charge of the management, study and protection of the Bolivian underwater heritage. Not only will this team be trained to intervene in the lake waters during archaeological preventive actions following chance discoveries but also during planned either Bolivian or foreign archaeological missions.