Municipal laws on the cultural heritage

With technical assistance, the Lake Project provided support to the conception of a legal and administrative model-framework aimed at the 13 priority Municipalities for them to have laws regulating the community management of the material and immaterial heritage, including protection, conservation, safeguard, recording and characterization of the cultural heritage.

Thus far, the 13 priority Municipalities of the Lake Project have enacted own municipal laws regarding the heritage protection and started to implement them with great enthusiasm. Based on management tools such as, among others, guides for heritage declaration, guides for conservation and heritage management plans, the laws provide for the protection of the material and immaterial heritage of the Municipalities and for the conservation of the inherited ancestral heritage.

Such laws and tools represent a pilot experience since the first municipal laws for the protection of the Bolivian material and immaterial cultural heritage were drafted according to each Municipality reality and needs, based on Law 530 (Law on the Bolivian cultural heritage - 2014).

All these laws and tools will provide a legal protection to the heritage of each Municipality, allowing it to develop measures of physical protection, conservation, investigation, renovation, etc., and possibly also to promote its showcasing.

Thus far, 50% of the priority Municipalities increased their municipal budget in 2018 in order to strengthen the activities of their cultural and touristic units.