Traditions & Transmissions

Recovering the oral history based on an archaeological approach was carried out with old women of Aymara origin within the activity framework R4.2. of the Lake Project. We are now about to validate a road map to define the organization of an inter-communal contest involving the 13 priority communities. The recovery of the oral history led us to work with the grandchildren and grandmother generations, and to assess the grandmothers’ contribution to the preservation and conservation of the Aymara culture and to the cultural identity consolidation. This work has a high impact on the revalorization of the oral history with an archaeological approach and will allow highlighting the life experience of the grandmothers from the Titicaca Lake Municipalities.

The best compiled stories were video-edited and a gsm-application is also available that presents the collected stories as well as information on the touristic sites existing in the priority municipalities.